• Hiro doomsday

    The Barter's Gold

    March 8, 2013 by Hiro doomsday

    Honey was before the most expensive barter product in the olden times. It sweet, food, and NEVER expires. So if the end of the world comes, the survivers that trade honey with others for materials or weapons will be like trading gold for jewels.

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  • Hiro doomsday

    Crazy Or Smart

    March 5, 2013 by Hiro doomsday

    Many people say that preppers are delirious, over-reactive, or even just plain crazy. But they discovered many things that are useful to our world. Here are some of these discoveries:

    1. Wood can be used as fuel for trucks by building a special wood-powered engine.

    2. Shipping Containers make great bunkers because of their cheap price, large space, & high strength and resistance.

    3. Animals can help in survival by having rabbits for livestock (rabbits reproduce fast), dogs for protection (dogs have strong power & speed, depending on training & breed), and birds for security (By studying bird calls/language, you can use their communication to learn if there are trespassers or a false alarm)

    4. Trucks and ships are important because they transport o…

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  • Hiro doomsday

    There are many ways the world can end:

    1. Solar Flare

    2. Major Eartquake

    3. World Wide Tsunami / Flooding

    4. Nuclear War or Nuclear Meltdown

    5. Huge Terrorist Attack

    6. Major Marshal Law

    7. Rapid increase of Prices / Economic Calapse

    8. Global Pandemic (Spread of Unknown Disease with unknown cure)

    9. Oil Crisis

    10. Shutdown of Power Grid

    If there are other possible ways (logical ones) in how the world could end, commit & tell now.

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  • Hiro doomsday

    Prepper 101

    March 2, 2013 by Hiro doomsday

    It is important that preppers get the ff. things:

    1. Foood

    2. Water

    3. Shelter/Bunker

    4. Transportation

    5. Weapons & Weaponry skills

    6. Barter Goods

    7. Money in the form of 'Gold' & 'Silver'

    8. Electricity

    9. Sources (for food, water, electricity, fire, etc.)

    10. Fire

    11. Fuel (like gasoline & wood)

    12. Knowledge about Disasters & Prepping

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