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Megan Hurwitt
Megan Hurwitt.jpg
Name Megan Hurwitt
Hometown Houston, TX
Prepper Type Urban
Known As The Young Urban Prepper
Episode Bullets, Lots of Bullets
Cataclysmic Disaster catastrophic oil crisis

Producer's note from Nick Weissman: "Preppers come in all shapes and sizes. Such is the case with Megan Hurwitt, a metropolitan party girl living in the fourth largest city in the country: Houston, Texas. To see her driving through the sunny downtown streets in her Mustang convertible, one might not suspect that in her nearby apartment Megan has an impressive gun collection, a seed bank, and an intricate plan for evacuating the city.

Megan revealed that she carries a compact “go bag” with her at all times. Inside the small gadget bag you’ll find a compact mess kit, survival knife, compass, flint, pepper spray, family photos, as well as a few other hygienic essentials. I was surprised to learn that it even had an SD card with important financial, identification, and medical documents in case she has to leave in a hurry. I guess you could call it an end of the world purse. At that point, I knew that there was an interesting story to tell about urban prepping.

The second day of shooting, after a day of survival training with a local expert, Megan invited the crew on a trial run of her escape plan through the moonlit streets of downtown Houston. Fearing that the country is susceptible to a major oil crisis in the next few years, and knowing that roads/highways might quickly become inaccessible (as they did during Hurricane Ike), Megan plans to backpack south through the city to an awaiting bug out vehicle. The challenge, however, is passing through town efficiently, safely, and undetected. Though the path proved to have more hurdles than she anticipated, the journey itself was certainly visual for us to capture, set against the night skyline."


“I’m prepping to survive a catastrophic oil crisis.”