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Kathy Harrison
Kathy Harrison.jpg
Name Kathy Harrison
Hometown N/A
Prepper Type Self-Sufficient
Known As The Doris Day of Doom
Episode N/A
Cataclysmic Disaster catastrophic new Madrid earthquake

"The first thing I noticed when pulling up to Kathy and Bruce Harrison’s home was simply how beautiful it was. Bruce single-handedly fixed up the Civil War-era house. Kathy made the garden blossom. It was readily apparent that this was a tight family unit with lots of love. The key word at the Harrisons' is self-reliance. They grow a lot of their own food, and can just about everything. Kathy, as humble as she is, is pretty much a master canner. Bruce, who is even humbler, can pretty much make anything out of wood. You want it, he'll build it. They make for a dynamic power prepper duo. We had two beautiful days there in the sun, pressing cider, learning to can, and even getting to play around with bees.”


"I’m preparing for a black swan event like a catastrophic new Madrid earthquake."