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Dennis McClung
Dennis McClung.jpg
Name Dennis McClung
Hometown Phoenix, AZ
Prepper Type Self-Sufficient
Known As Phoenix
Episode Doomsday Preppers
Cataclysmic Disaster coronal mass ejection

The McClung family is a microcosm of the show as a whole. They were a great family who lived in a suburb of Phoenix. They were typical by actuarial standards, two kids, a dog, a well-kept house ... and then not so typical by any standard, with 1000 tilapia fish in the deep-end of their swimming pool, eight chickens in their backyard, two pygmy goats, and a video version of a Maya calendar on their flat-screen TV that counted down the seconds till the end of the world.

I left the McClungs' entirely impressed with their ingenuity and dedication, charmed by their children, wanting a pygmy goat for my apartment."

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