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David Sarti
David Sarti.jpg
Name David Sarti
Hometown N/A
Prepper Type Survival
Known As The Hillbilly Prepper
Episode N/A
Cataclysmic Disaster EMP detonation

“Getting to know David Sarti was a lot of fun. He is smart, knowledgeable, quick-witted, and just straight up funny. From the moment he greeted us at the gate on his ATV with his four miniature pinschers, my team and I knew we were in for a roller coaster of a ride. David can speak to the moon. I mean it. He can actually send radio signals off of the moon and hear it back on his HAM radio a few minutes later. For all you folks already acquainted with HAM radio, this comes as no surprise, but for this city slicker? I'm still in shock. David was a wealth of knowledge when it came to communication, and how to make prepper items on your own. What you can’t buy, you make.”

Expert Rating[]

  • Ability to grow and store food and Radio |85%|
  • Health |40%|


Nothing has changed, says his health may have gotten worse.

Sarti's compound was destroyed in a fire in November 2015. In July 2016 he was planning bariatric surgery.


Rare and unperdictable


“I’m prepping to survive an EMP detonation that will wipe out our nation’s transportation system.”